The Game of Indian Politics!

The 2019 General elections are just around the corner. Its very important for everyone to know whats actually happening in the Indian Politics & political circles. Starting with this post, I will be attempting to regularly post my two cents to keep you updated on whats happening.

With that said, following are some of my observations/predictions/assumptions/judgements/guesses in the run up to the general elections:

1. Congress made sure to exploit and ruin the Indian economy before handing it over to BJP IN 2014. This ensured it would take years for the BJP government to cleanup the mess.


congress - Indian Politics


2. BJP (read modi & team) came to know about this way back in 2014. Instead of exposing it then and there waited till 2018 so as to get corruption as an issue back in 2019 elections. At first this seems wrong but if you see the overall good of the country. But such politics is necessary to stay in power and to work for the betterment of the people.


modi and shah - Indian Politics


3. What started with Nirav Modi, has now included Mehul Choksi, Raghuram Rajan & P. Chidambaram at the eventual destination will be the Gandhis. Parallelly Karti Chidambaram and his father also involved in Aircel/Inx media scam, Gandhis in National Herald, etc.


Nirav Modi & Mehul Choksi - Indian Politics


4. BJP allies like Shiv Sena & TDP, also getting concerned regarding growing influence of BJP in their traditional strongholds and thus resorting to each and everything possible to be relevant. Might fight state elections separately but will definitely fight Lok Sabha elections together.


Shiv Sena & TDP - Indian Politics


PS: All these are just my opinions which might not be same as yours. Do feel free to share your opinions, would like to know alternative point of views, but wont be indulging in any kinda debate. 😊


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